Toronto, ON, June 6, 2023 – Today, strategic consulting firm, Connecting for Results (CFR), is pleased to announce the organization has engaged industry expert Wayne Moir to join its team. A leader in sales growth, team building, and business development, Wayne assumes the role of Business Improvement Specialist. The addition of this new expert enables CFR to further expand its recruitment offerings to clients in the United States and services across Canada, effective immediately.

A senior executive with over 40 years of management experience, Wayne has developed the vision and leadership skills to plan, organize, and direct companies to capitalize on market opportunities. A strategic thinker with strong analytical, negotiation, and problem-solving skills, he has a proven track record of facilitating sales growth and securing large multimillion dollar contracts. Wayne is successful in building sales teams and developing innovative marketing programs, while also maintaining a strong control on financial operations.

In his role at CFR, Wayne will oversee the company’s people development services and lead recruitment activities in the USA, helping employers navigate the perfect storm and find the right talent for their business. CFR’s recruitment services range from talent search, onboarding, and professional development to business culture assessment, succession planning, and fractional management staffing. With a deep knowledge across the industry, Wayne is also available to assist clients with mergers and acquisitions, print procurement evaluation, and sales and marketing development.

“We are pleased that Wayne brings his 40+ years of experience to the CFR team,” said Gord Griffiths, CEO & President. “I’ve always been impressed with his innovative thinking and commitment to improving the performance of print. Along with our other experts, Wayne is professional, dedicated, and looks forward to making a contribution. He’s a great fit for CFR.”

“I’m excited to join Connecting for Results and look forward to helping our clients find great talent, creative solutions, and growth opportunities,” said Wayne Moir, Business Improvement Specialist.

Wayne can be reached at