Team Profiles

Gordon Griffiths (Gord)

Gordon is a highly respected corporate leader throughout North America. He has successfully led some of the most high-profile printing companies, including Cenveo’s International operations, Quebecor Printing and Ronald’s Printing. His responsibility was for profitable operations, in many cases requiring turnaround efforts to return to profits, for almost 100 individual manufacturing plants. Annual sales at individual plants ranged from over $5 million to over $100 million. He continues to demonstrate his innovative approach, as he was the founder of a marketing services company that was taken public and achieved annual sales of over
$125 million.

Robert Dale (Bob)

Bob has many years of communications management experience, including over 15 years as a business owner offering management consulting services, transition execution and support. His work has included assignments for printing companies, government services, universities and colleges, technology service providers and major corporations. During this time, he was also a part-time faculty member of Ryerson University. He has published many columns on effective cost management and management information systems for the graphic arts industry. Over the past 14 years, he was employed by RBC Royal Bank to lead national and international efforts for the effective category management. This included product and supplier rationalization and transformation activity for supply chain management for all types of print and security products and adverting channels and services. This required significant transformation for many operations in Canada and in over 17 countries where retail and other financial services are offered.

Heather Black

Heather is an accomplished consultative leader with 20+ years of experience cultivating new business, delivering customized solutions, and identifying and recruiting qualified staff. Proven success in business development from idea creation to planning and driving significant growth. She has managed full spectrum of functions: strategy, business development, sales, service delivery, recruitment, operations, team management and business partnerships.

Howard Conway

Howard has over 40 years of experience in implementing process improvement, cost realignment, quality methods, and operational re-engineering in industries ranging from consumer goods through to printing and digital printing applications and services. Howard has held a number of senior management positions in a wide range of print communication organizations, where he has led teams to implemented improvement to EBIDA and shareholder value. His leadership methods have enabled smooth cultural change in organizations, as well as enthusiastic approaches to customer service, creating a “Can Do” culture.

Gary Forget

Gary considers himself an organizational doctor and everyone who has worked with him can attest to his deep understanding of people and of the barriers to high performance. Whatever the root cause of lackluster results, Gary has the tools, experience, and knowledge to significantly increase bottom-line results. Besides his diagnostic capabilities, Gary is adept at mentoring employees so they are more effective and capable of achieving their personal, team, and business goals.

Ken Freek

Ken is an industry veteran, with significant experience in marketing, operations, automation, change management and supply chain, and logistics. He is a recognized and successful team leader who uses a solutions-oriented approach to business challenges. He has demonstrated the ability to quickly learn and use new skills and technologies.

Darren L. Loken

Darren has served over 30 years as a passionate leader and innovative thinker in the printing industry. He has a proven record of effectively guiding teams to profitability and growth, as well as in restructuring and improving under-performing businesses. His tenure in the print industry includes executive roles in varying sized companies, from small local concerns to multi-billion-dollar global enterprises. Decades of board leadership and peer group engagement offered visibility into hundreds of other printing companies of all sizes. The result has been the ability to recognize and bring top performing leadership, best practices, and financial & critical business metrics to bear in all the businesses he has touched.

Nicky Milner

Multi-faceted print and publishing technology executive, with experience in information technology, premedia and prepress, digital printing, program, and project management. Five-time member of PrintAction Canada’s List of “50 Most Influential People” in Graphic Communications. Successful leadership career with North American print and publishing organizations (Quebecor World, Transcontinental), in roles spanning production technology, operations management, digital media,
and more.

Nicole Morrison

Nicole is an award-winning communications professional with over a decade of experience in a variety of industries. She has extensive experience directing public relations campaigns both in-house and as an independent consultant. She has a proven track record of developing, managing, and executing communications strategies across traditional and digital channels, and has successfully raised the profile of her clients across national media outlets.

Morris Slemko

Morris is a results-oriented financial executive with extensive experience in both corporate and operating financial roles in public and private companies. While with a large Canadian public company, Morris developed expertise in Financing, taxation and mergers and acquisitions. He has held senior roles with a number of printers where the primary objectives were to reduce costs, improve productivity, acquire, or divest and re-finance the businesses. As SVP, Operations, and COO of an advertising business, he managed the integration of multiple agencies, both physically and culturally.