“I have known Gord Griffiths for over 60 years. We attended public school together and our parents were friends. I suspect Gord first became interested in Print as a young man observing our family business,

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Thompson Printing, founded over 65 years ago in Paris, Ontario.

The Print Industry is a small world and as it happens Gord’s partner Bob Dale, taught our son Jamie who graduated from the Print Program at Ryerson University.

When Gord as a young man, left our little town and went out into the world to find his way, he landed in Owen Sound for his first job at RBW. It came as no surprise that it was not many years before he was President of Canada’s largest Print Company, Quebecor.

Gord’s career has been wide and varied and in spite of people not always believing he could do it, he has succeeded with skill, attitude, integrity and hard work while helping everyone and not ever forgetting his roots.

There is no question that Gordon Griffiths vast experience in the Print Industry will be an asset to anyone using the services of Connecting for Results.”

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