Companies that embrace the changes in our work culture will win the talent war


It goes without saying that the printing industry has experienced major changes in the last few years. From supply chain issues to labour scarcity, we are also seeing a culture shift driven by the values and needs of employees.

If you’re trying to navigate the new workplace and are looking for a place to start, we’ve put together the Top 5 Tips on best practices from our Recruitment Specialist, Heather Black.


Top 5 Tips


1. Develop a fantastic work culture

With many restrictions lifted and a hybrid work model in effect, what are your employees looking for now? Having a work culture of flexibility, openness, and inclusion allows your staff to feel comfortable enough to have these conversations, setting everyone up for success. Employees want to be treated as individuals, each having a unique set of circumstances. Evolved employers measure performance by results and not face time.

2. Build an Employer Branding Strategy

In order to build an Employer Branding Strategy, you have to determine your Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Ask yourself the following: what are you doing to inspire job seekers to want to work for your company? Or what are some of the things you could be doing? Talk to some of your current employees to get their feedback. Create captivating content that showcases your company culture and include it on your website, social media platforms, etc.

3. Walk the talk

Does your work culture messaging match your reality? There’s no better way to find out than to ask your current staff. Job seekers are doing their due diligence so what will they find? Websites like Glassdoor encourage current and former employees to rate their experiences of their employers (both good and bad). Ask happy employees to contribute to these spaces to help promote your company.

4. Interview with compassion

Interviews tell potential candidates a lot about your company. Treat each interview as a marketing opportunity and use a bit of your time to reinforce your company’s brand story and values. Get to know future candidates by focusing on questions that allow them to demonstrate their problem solving abilities instead of listing strengths and weaknesses. Be respectful of their time and limit the number of interviews to no more than 3. Providing feedback on next steps within 24 hours shows a candidate you care, are respectful, and appreciate their time.

5. Create opportunities for growth

Engaged, satisfied employees stay. Focus on reskilling for manufacturing employees and provide coaching and a clear path to promotions. Employees want to know their company cares about their growth and development as individuals as well. Provide compassion by implementing programs focused on your employee’s mental health and well-being. Balance is key. Encouraging employees to disconnect helps them to be refocused and recharged when they are at work!

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