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From technology to operations, and everything in between, we understand your needs and challenges. Our team understands all areas of the print industry. We use our experience and accountability to help you achieve results.

Gord Griffiths

Gord is a highly respected corporate leader throughout North America. He has successfully led some of the most high-profile printing companies, including Cenveo’s International operations, Quebecor Printing and Ronald’s Printing.

His responsibility was for profitable operations, in many cases requiring turnaround efforts to return to profits, for almost 100 individual manufacturing plants. Annual sales at individual plants ranged from over $5 million to over $100 million.

He continues to demonstrate his innovative approach, as he was the founder of a marketing services company that was taken public and achieved annual sales of over $125 million.

Bob Dale

Bob has many years of communications management experience, including over 15 years as a business owner offering management consulting services, transition execution and support. His work has included assignments for printing companies, government services, universities and colleges, technology service providers and major corporations. 

During this time, he was also a part-time faculty member of Ryerson University. He has published many columns on effective cost management and management information systems for the graphic arts industry. 

Over the past 14 years, he was employed by RBC Royal Bank to lead national and international efforts for the effective category management. This included product and supplier rationalization and transformation activity for supply chain management for all types of print and security products and advertising channels and services. This required significant transformation for many operations in Canada and in over 17 countries where retail and other financial services are offered.

Heather Black

Heather is an accomplished talent acquisition professional with 30+ years of print industry experience. Skilled at cultivating new business and delivering customer solutions, Heather brings her background in marketing, public relations, and business development to her sought-after expertise in recruiting. In her role at Connecting for Results, Heather provides full-cycle recruitment services to printers with a specialty in executive searches and “hard to fill” roles.

As a support to hiring managers, Heather helps seek out top-tier and diverse talent for current and future hiring needs across her established network of contacts. As a trusted talent advisor, she has filled roles from senior management to shop floors across the industry, from print and packaging companies to direct mail providers, marketing agencies to equipment providers, and print suppliers.

As an industry expert, Heather shares her insights as a guest speaker and panelist with a special focus on attracting and retaining employees. She is passionate about sharing best practices, helping employers to finding a winning employee brand strategy to attract the right talent, creating a positive candidate experience from interview to onboarding.

Heather serves the community as a member of the Board of Directors of the Ontario Printing & Imaging Association (OPIA) and is a Career Mentor for Toronto Metropolitan University’s Graphic Communications Management students with deep ties to the student community and up-and-coming talent.

Danny Brown

An entrepreneur at heart, Danny founded Market Connections Inc. (MCI) in 1992. As a marketing services company, MCI managed direct mail programs for financial, retail, and the non-profit sectors. Under Danny’s leadership, MCI expanded from a small 10 ft x 10 ft shared office to over 50 employees housed in a 30,000 sq ft facility.

MCI developed in-house expertise to provide full-service product offerings including content development, graphic design, IT, web services, digital print, mail fulfillment, and sales and marketing. MCI was purchased by DOXIM, an OmniChannel Communications company, in the spring of 2019.

Howard Conway

Howard has over 40 years of experience in implementing process improvement, cost realignment, quality methods, and operational re-engineering in industries ranging from consumer goods through to printing and digital printing applications and services. 

Howard has held a number of senior management positions in a wide range of print communication organizations, where he has led teams to implemented improvement to EBITDA and shareholder value. 

His leadership methods have enabled smooth cultural change in organizations, as well as enthusiastic approaches to customer service, creating a “Can Do” culture.

Dale Ford

With many years in the printing industry, Dale has a vast knowledge of what it takes to be successful in print. His management experience is varied from building teams to developing systems and partnerships, as a Manager, VP of Manufacturing, COO, CEO, and President.

Having worked for one of the first consolidators in commercial print, to building an international online print company, his career won’t be complete without sharing his knowledge and assisting companies going forward. As of 2018, Dale has helped companies with mergers and acquisitions, supporting buyers and sellers through every stage of the process.

Gary Forget

Gary considers himself an organizational doctor and everyone who has worked with him can attest to his deep understanding of people and of the barriers to high performance. Whatever the root cause of lackluster results, Gary has the tools, experience, and knowledge to significantly increase bottom-line results. 

Besides his diagnostic capabilities, Gary is adept at mentoring employees so they are more effective and capable of achieving their personal, team, and business goals.

Ken Freek

Ken is an industry veteran, with significant experience in marketing, operations, automation, change management and supply chain, and logistics. He is a recognized and successful team leader who uses a solutions-oriented approach to business challenges. 

He has demonstrated the ability to quickly learn and use new skills and technologies.

Drew McLaren

Drew is an industry veteran with over 30 years of experience in print. As a business owner, he managed his family-run print operation with 55 employees. Prior to entering the print industry, Drew spent 10 years in tier 1 packaged goods companies, grounding his expertise in marketing, brand strategy, and management.

A strategic thinker, he also has a strong analytical sense with a focus on finance. He understands how to get the most out of operational capacity and its role in identifying new marketing and sales growth opportunities.

Over the years, Drew has assisted other business owners through his involvement in industry peer groups and family business associations. He understands that business owners face their own unique challenges, particularly when shareholder and management transition issues come into play. Corporate governance and structured succession planning have been the key foundations of his leadership role.

Nicky Milner

Nicky is a multi-faceted print and publishing technology executive, with experience in information technology, premedia and prepress, digital printing, program, and project management. She is a Five-time member of PrintAction Canada’s List of “50 Most Influential People” in Graphic Communications. 

Nicky has had a successful leadership career with North American print and publishing organizations (Quebecor World, Transcontinental), in roles spanning production technology, operations management, digital media, and more.

Wayne Moir

A senior executive with over 35 years of management experience resulting in the vision and leadership skills to plan, organize, and direct organizations to capitalize on market opportunities.

A strategic thinker with strong analytical, negotiation, and problem-solving skills with a proven track record of facilitating sales growth and securing large multimillion dollar contracts. Successful in building sales teams and developing innovative marketing programs while maintaining a strong control on financial operations.

Nicole Morrison

Nicole is an award-winning communications professional with extensive experience directing public relations campaigns. In her 15 years of experience, she has worked across industries including arts and culture, entertainment, education, fashion, and travel.

Nicole has a proven track record of developing and executing communications strategies across multiple channels, successfully raising her clients’ profiles across a local, national, and international stage.

Morris Slemko

Morris is a results-oriented financial executive with extensive experience in both corporate and operating financial roles in public and private companies. While with a large Canadian public company, Morris developed expertise in Financing, taxation and mergers and acquisitions. 

He has held senior roles with a number of printers where the primary objectives were to reduce costs, improve productivity, acquire, or divest and re-finance the businesses. As SVP, Operations, and COO of an advertising business, he managed the integration of multiple agencies, both physically and culturally.

Sean Twomey

Sean is a multidisciplinary creative strategist and print and publishing executive. He has experience in strategic planning, integration, business development, supply chain management, and mergers and acquisitions. Leadership across the graphic arts industry spanning finance, marketing, administration, and general management. 

Sean has demonstrated a proven track record of successful M&A transactions worldwide including $5.6 billion in 50 public and private acquisitions and achieving sales growth of $8.4 billion in 350 plus executed multi-year sales contracts.

Chris White

Chris is a print sales and marketing leader with 40+ years of experience. Based in the US, he has personally sold and led selling teams across the entire spectrum of printed products and services. As a sales leader, he has led national and regional teams. Individually, he has sold and implemented large complex client programs with great success.

In addition to sales and marketing, Chris has experience in M&A projects both as a seller and buyer. His insights into sales effectiveness and client relationships have proven invaluable to those he has served.

His greatest strengths lie in people development and strategy. Chris takes great pride in helping sales executives get the best out of themselves for their personal benefit and the benefit of their company. His deep experience in the industry, combined with his breadth of products and services, gives him a keen perspective to identify and close new opportunities.

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