Former GCM grad, Lucy Trepanier, talks about the latest AI tools for graphic designers


A term that seems to find its way into many conversations these days is “AI”. From marketing strategy and graphic design to inclusion and privacy, the world of artificial intelligence is unfolding in front of our eyes at a rapid pace. While fear of the unknown is undoubtedly uncomfortable, these unprecedented changes to the way we work are something we can embrace with open arms when we understand the benefits.

And this year’s GCM Colloquium did just that! A yearly conference organized and operated by Toronto Metropolitan University’s (TMU) Graphic Communications Management (GCM) students, AI in Graphic Communications: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence explored available resources for marketing and creative professionals alike.

Guest speakers included AI Marketing expert, Lee Eldridge, who illustrated the value of AI tools for marketers, including which can help advertisers identify new markets. Hessie Jones, a specialist in AI Ethics & Bias, identified the inherent bias in data collection, ongoing concerns over privacy, and the struggle for fair representation.

Former GCM grad, Lucy Trepanier, shared the benefits of utilizing AI technology in graphic design, for both creative brainstorming and practical editing tools. International digital media experts also shared their thoughts via video.

The March 28 standing-room-only event was attended by industry professionals, students, sponsors and alumni. Hosted at TMU’s Mattamy Athletic Centre, this year’s Colloquium was a great reminder that when we understand the impact of new technology, we can truly explore its opportunities.

With graduation on the horizon for the GCM students, another session of the Print Wisdom student mentorship program comes to a close. If you’re interested in hiring one of these in-demand students for an internship or fulltime role, contact our recruiter Heather Black.