Outplacement Services Can Smooth the Transition

Layoffs are a traumatic life-changing event that employers don’t take lightly. Whether the result of a merger and acquisition, downsizing, or restructuring, letting go of team members is often a last resort. However, outplacement services can help departing employees to move forward on their career path. From resume writing to executive coaching, these services can be added to a company’s severance package to support exiting employees. A bonus effect is an overall positive brand image for the company.

Here’s how outplacement services can benefit your company:

Enhance Corporate Image

Implementing outplacement programs conveys a message of employer care towards employees, potentially reducing negative feedback during layoff announcements. Companies with positive public perception often attract top talent more effectively in the future.

Manage Potential Risks

Layoffs or terminations can lead to employee frustration or anger. However, offering outplacement support signals to employees that the company is invested in their career transition, thereby lowering the likelihood of workplace conflicts or legal disputes.

Boost Staff Morale

Transparent communication about outplacement services being available to affected employees can alleviate anxiety among remaining staff members, fostering a sense of security and engagement within the workforce.

Decrease Expenses

Efficient reemployment of former staff members reduces unemployment claims and potential insurance costs. Adding a claw-back provision in severance packages, along with outplacement services, incentivizes swift reemployment, easing the financial burden on the employer.

Enhance Company Reputation

Outplacement programs communicate care for employees, potentially minimizing negative perceptions during layoffs. Companies with positive public perception also tend to attract top talent in the future.

Outplacement Services are a goodwill gesture for employees that can pay dividends in you company brand and help attract new talent going forward.

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