In this series our CEO, Gord Griffiths, reflects on lessons learned throughout his years in the printing industry.

Do not underestimate people’s ability to learn.

One example that is etched in my memory is when I was a VP Manufacturing. Accounting was flooding the plant supervisors with so many reports that none were read by most and those that did read them did not really know what they meant.

I talked to the CFO and admitted this reality, then outlined the 5 reports I thought were key for the supervisors. In return, the CFO only sent these 5 reports, but included a line-by-line explanation of its meaning and possible corrective action.

The plant supervisors became mini cost analysts. Numbers were not only understood but became fun.

We found some brilliant minds buried in these craftsmen and as a result, had a much better control of our costs and waste, making a big impact on improving profitability.

By Gord Griffiths