Toronto, ON, May 23, 2023 – Strategic consulting firm, Connecting for Results (CFR), is pleased to announce the launch of the organization’s research services. To help provide a better understanding of the current print landscape, the company is collecting and analysing data to help printers plan for the future, effective immediately.

Led by CFR’s Howard Conway, the department was initiated to help print leaders and their teams to make informed decisions for their business. Consisting of thorough reviews, fact-finding, and independent surveys, CFR’s ability to define requirements, collect, distill, and analyze data provides insights that support an organizations efforts to develop strategy, support marketing and new business development, recruitment activity and merger, sale, and acquisition activity.

Going beyond the surface, these findings are specific to the graphic arts industry, helping leaders across North America to have a better understanding of the current climate.

“The industry is always changing, especially in the last few years, and we were looking for a way to measure the trends as they happen. Keeping a finger on the pulse helps us to provide our clients with the most current information available,” said Gord Griffiths, CEO & President.

“It’s easy to make assumptions or believe misconceptions. Having the facts can lead to profound insights and help our clients to make better decisions about their business,” said Howard Conway, Operational Strategy Specialist.

To date, one published report explores the M&A landscape in Canada and is available upon request. At the 2023 Graphics Canada Expo, CFR presented the results of the company’s 2023 Industry Survey, completed by printers across the industry. The company’s research services are also available to provide insights in the areas of recruitment, company culture, and leadership development.

CFR’s research department can be engaged to assist organizations to make informed decisions based on information from their local or national marketplace. Data is collected, findings are analysed, a trend analysis is conducted, and the results are summarized in a user-friendly format. The company’s research services are available to clients across North America.