With another school year underway, it signals the start of a new mentoring season.


Our student mentorship program, Print Wisdom, returned on September 7, uniting GCM students with experienced print professionals.

A collaboration between Connecting for Results, Toronto Metropolitan University’s Graphic Communications Management (GCM) and Tri-Mentoring programs, Print Wisdom supports second-year students and above by pairing them with seasoned industry professionals to help smooth the transition between school and the workplace.

The mentorship enables students to seek career advice, guidance and motivation, and industry resources throughout the school year. The program supports many female academics in particular, who are currently the majority in the GCM program.

For mentors, Print Wisdom provides opportunities for professional development, to meet with new talent, and to give back to the next generation of printers.

The current mentorship session runs until March 31, 2023.

To sign up to be a mentor, please visit torontomu.peoplegrove.com or contact us for more information.