To help provide a better understanding of the current print landscape, Connecting for Results launches a dedicated research department.

Led by Howard Conway, the organization’s ability to define requirements, collect, distill, and analyze data provides insights that support organizations efforts to develop strategy, support marketing and new business development, recruitment activity and merger, sale, and acquisition activity.

Digging beyond the surface, these industry findings are specific to the graphic arts industry, helping leaders and their teams to make informed decisions for their business.

One published report explores the M&A landscape in Canada and is available upon request. At the Graphics Canada Expo in May, CFR will present the results of an Industry Insights Survey completed by printers across the industry. Following the Expo, select information will be shared with the public through trade publications, associations, and social media.

CRF’s research department can be engaged to assist your organization to make informed decisions based on information from your local or national marketplace. CFR will collect data, analyze the findings, conduct trend analysis, and summarize in a format that you can use.

To learn more about our research services, contact us!