A mid-size commercial printer wanted to acquire a digital printing and mailing trade service company to build sales and diversify their service offering. The owner recognized that in order to complete the transaction fairly, efficiently and to ensure mutual satisfaction for both the seller and buyer, they would benefit from the assistance of professionals with experience and expertise to complete the transaction. 


CFR Solution:

The CFR team had industry experts with industry and market knowledge, expertise to evaluate financials to determine a fair company valuation and prepare a detailed Letter of Interest (LOI). We provided strategic support to assist during negotiations and due diligence support to ensure there were no surprises for either the seller or buyer.  



Following a few minor last-minute adjustments that were identified during the detailed due diligence, the deal closed on time, on budget to the great satisfaction of both the buyer and seller. 

Our client has engaged our team for counsel following the transaction and has expressed how happy they are with the acquisition and the benefits are turning out to be greater than anticipated, with more work flowing to the acquiring company than expected!