A successful software firm has a great application for automating and managing all aspects of corporate print procurement, forms management, warehousing and distribution. This includes an easy to use digital storefront and complete digital asset management system. The developer is a small firm who was not able to expand beyond a few key blue-chip clients. Some clients have successfully used the application for 20 years, since it was regularly upgraded and operating using the latest technology. The developer needed assistance to package and market the software to expand the client base and revenue significantly. 


CFR Solution:

CFR was engaged to develop a strategic ‘go to market’ plan, and provide the resources and expertise to put the plan into action. 



A software solution sale to major corporations takes many months to complete a sale cycle and work is well underway! Marketing material has been created, training was provided to sales staff, more technical training was provided for support staff in order to assist with the sales efforts. Complete lists of suspects, prospects, and friendly connections have been developed, and work assigned for the prospect engagement process.

In less than 2 months from the start, introductions and demonstrations were made to several high probability prospective clients, including major financial institutions, international retailers, regional high value service providers and potential investors.

The CFR initiatives have created more activity in a few months than the organization was able to create over the past 5 years. Stay tuned for more updates.