Dale Ford and Chris White Join the Organization

Toronto, ON, June 22, 2023 – Today, strategic consulting firm, Connecting for Results (CFR), is pleased to announce the organization has engaged industry experts Dale Ford and Chris White to join its team. An experienced print executive, Dale assumes the position of Business Development Specialist. With his expertise in sales growth, Chris takes on the role of Sales Strategy and M&A Specialist. The addition of these new experts enables CFR to further expand its offerings to clients across North America, effective immediately.

With many years in the printing industry, Dale’s vast knowledge and experience have led to a track record of success. His management skills are varied, from building teams to developing systems and partnerships, as a Manager, VP of Manufacturing, COO, CEO, and President. Having worked for one of the first consolidators in commercial print, to building an international online print company, Dale thrives in sharing his knowledge and assisting companies. As of 2018, he has helped companies with mergers and acquisitions (M&A), supporting buyers and sellers through every stage of the process.

Dale is available to help CFR clients with operational efficiency, workflow operations, and M&A services including facilitating the purchase or sale of a business, seller preparation and support, and post-sale success for buyers.

A print sales and marketing leader with over 40 years of experience, Chris has personally sold and led selling teams across the spectrum of printed products and services both nationally and regionally. He is also experienced in M&A projects both as a seller and buyer. Highly skilled in people development and strategy, Chris has a history of helping sales executives get the best out of themselves, for their personal benefit and the benefit of their company. His deep experience in the industry, combined with his breadth of products and services, gives him a keen perspective to identify and close new opportunities.

Chris is available to help CFR clients with print procurement automation benefit analysis, marketing for sales growth, business planning, and all stages of the M&A process.

“Chris and Dale are a strong addition to our team. With their skills and expertise, we can maximize our offering for clients in the US and across North America,” said Gord Griffiths, CEO & President.

“I’m pleased to join Connecting for Results and look forward to helping our clients find new opportunities for growth and efficiency,” said Dale Ford, Business Development Specialist.

“I’m happy to be a part of the Connecting for Results team and am eager to help our clients find solutions as we look to the future,” said Chris White, Sales Strategy and M&A Specialist.

CFR has experts based in Victoria, Toronto, and St. John’s in Canada, and Nashville, Stamford, and Minneapolis in the United States.

Dale can be reached at d.ford@cfrincorporated.com.
Chris can be reached at c.white@cfrincorporated.com.