Referral rewards program

Have a friend looking for a career change? Let Connecting for Results match their talents with one of our career opportunities and you will receive a Referral Reward of $300*.

Terms & Conditions*

  • If a candidate is referred to CFR and is hired through an Assigned Recruitment Search, and remains employed for the probationary period, CFR will pay a Referral Reward.
  • Referral Reward is $300 per Candidate placed.
  • Payment occurs post-completion of the Candidate’s probationary period.

Referee Responsibilities

  • Introduce the Candidate, providing contact information.
  • Supply an email or address for Referral Reward delivery.
  • Referees will receive notification of a successful placement via email.

Payment Process

  • Referral Rewards are issued in gift cards to address tax considerations.
  • Referees choose from three gift card options: Amazon, Best Buy, or Staples.
  • Physical gift cards or e-cards are delivered within 10 days after the completion of the candidate’s probationary period.

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