Business Improvement Specialist

Behind every great company is a team of great people.

At Connecting for Results, our people are the foundation of our business, and we want you to get to know them better. In this series, we’ll be highlighting the many talents of our team members. With expertise across the printing industry, one commonality is:

Knowledge + Experience = Results

Today we’re highlighting business optimization strategist, Ken Freek.

An industry veteran and leader in organizational improvement, Ken has significant experience across the print industry. Skilled in sales, marketing, operations, automation, change management, supply chain, and logistics he can easily see the bigger picture. Ken previously held the position of VP, Product Management at Heidelberg Canada. Independently, he worked as a project management consultant for Webcom.

A print advocate, Ken actively helps to support emerging talent. He holds the position of Executive Director at Canadian Print Scholarships and also provides industry counsel as the Associate Director at the Ontario Printing and Imaging Association (OPIA). In 2022, Ken was recognized at the Canadian Printing Awards, receiving the ‘Community Leader of the Year’ honour for his contribution to the print community.

Ken is known for his solution-oriented approach and tech-savvy thinking. An early adaptor of automation tools and new technologies, he provides streamlined solutions to business challenges. Ken has a track record of increasing productivity, customer satisfaction, and successful technology integration.

In his role at Connecting for Results, he is responsible for developing growth opportunities for the organization and its customers throughout North America. Ken is available to assist CFR clients with a variety of services including marketing, business development, operational efficiency, supply chain management, e-commerce, and workflow automation.

Ken’s recent projects include:

  • Waste analysis in a book manufacturing company resulting in reduced paper consumption and increased revenue for each book order.
  • Analysis of competitive interfaces for web-to-print applications resulting in an improved user experience for a print client.
  • Consolidation of product lines at a print industry supplier improving supply chain velocity and reliability.

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Resources by Ken: