We hear all the time that printers aren’t the best at marketing themselves, yet they excel at helping their clients. While printers need to be creative and think differently to reach new customers in the current climate, this can be a challenge. The things that worked in the past to win organic business no longer do. Staying on top of marketing trends can feel like chasing a moving target. And figuring out a place to start can be overwhelming.


Here are some of the latest marketing trends/approaches explained, and suggestions on where to start.


Q: What is the value of multi-channel marketing?

A: There are a number of ways to connect with customers, whether through traditional or digital formats. Multi-channel marketing utilizes a blend of streams to reach your target customers and can include email, direct mail, social media, website, events, etc. Variety makes your company more accessible to your target markets, as well as giving them a choice of how they’d like to interact with you.

Q: Why is digital so important?

A: Most people spend a good portion of their day online; we are connected now more than ever! Whether it’s mobile, desktop, tablet, etc., individuals are consuming digital media and making more purchases online that ever before. If you want to get in front of your customers, you need to meet them where they are.

Q: What social media platforms should I use?

A: There are new social media platforms cropping up all the time, that’s because they are so powerful!  As a marketing tool, social platforms allow businesses to interact directly with their customers, helping to support sales and build their brands. B2B companies often use LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to connect (with TikTok on the rise); B2C businesses typically utilize Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube. When it comes to social media, you can take advantage of the technologies available. Being consistent will help you see results!

Q: How do I promote new business in vertical markets?

A: Many companies are exploring vertical markets as a result of the pandemic. Others have developed a niche and are keen to dive deeper. The following suggestions can help you to get in front of the right people: seek out trade publications for media stories and partnerships, create social media accounts and interact with those in your field, join associations to make new connections, and attend industry events to help build your company profile.

Q: Why is word of mouth so powerful?

A: In a world full of choices, hearing someone’s firsthand experience can help to make decision making easier. Does the company have what I’m looking for? Do they deliver on their promises? Are they trustworthy? A review, testimonial, and/or case study can help to give a closer look and demonstrate the benefits of your service. A quote from a happy customer can be used on your website, newsletter, social media, direct mail piece, etc. and can make all the difference to a prospective client.

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By Nicole Morrison