Wondering how to improve your business?

The economic impact of COVID-19 will be felt for years. Demand for printed marketing materials nearly disappeared completely. Clients of all sizes and industries are also facing severe financial pressures. The approaches you’ve used in the past to win organic growth will likely not be enough to accommodate the reduced demand going forward.

You need new strategies and initiatives:

  • To improve operating efficiency and strengthen your core with reduced costs of doing business
  • To improve client satisfaction, and rebuild sales in a heightened competitive environment
  • To prepare for next steps, whether that’s re-gaining your market position, establishing a new selling proposition, or preparing your company for merger or sale.

CFR can help!


Our unique approach to workflow analysis will assess your current business processes, provide tailored recommendations specific to your needs, and enable seamless integration of new workflow processes.




1) Discovery

We’ll meet first with your management team to establish your goals and objectives, before setting up one-on-one interviews with key personnel (between 5-10 sessions depending on business size). We’ll also look at any available metrics, history, and standard reports, and we’ll review your technology infrastructure.


2) Analysis

CFR will apply its team of field-experienced experts to map your workflow processes and identify opportunities for improvements and automation.


3) Recommendation

CFR will prepare recommendations, new workflow maps, and new process flow charts. All recommendations will be reviewed with management for accuracy and opportunities. Benefits will be quantified for real cost and efficiency improvements.


4) Implementation

We can support and assist your team in building plans and initiatives for implementation, including change management, and employee communications and training.


5) Continual Improvement

With your new workflows and reports in place, CFR will work with your organization for periodic audits and client outreach for feedback on the improved services. We’ll also help you review for any tweaking that can
be done.


“I’ve worked with CFR team members for the development of workflows at two companies. Their work helped us to improve customer experience, reduce costs, and accelerate delivery to the end-user.”

-Ron Raitt, Operations Manager, Illumisoft Lighting


Contact us at info@connectingforresults.com to see how our team of industry experts can help you.


By Nicky Milner and Howard Conway