While it can be challenging to see the road ahead, one thing is for certain: if we don’t illustrate the value of print, we won’t get very far! With most businesses picking up to pre-pandemic levels, the future of print is looking bright. However, some may still need convincing.

In order to help marketers make informed decisions they need the facts, making it the mission of printers to advocate and educate for the value of print as a viable and effective ROI in the marketing strategy media mix.

When speaking to prospective clients, there are several resources available to arm your sales teams for customer challenges including:

  • Canada Post – has conducted a number of relevant and current studies that contain facts and case studies on the benefits of direct mail.
  • Choose Print – an initiative of the Printing United Alliance that includes links, studies, and materials from industry thought leaders and print organizations.
  • Print in the Mix – the clearinghouse of curated third-party research demonstrating the effectiveness of print, web, mobile, social media, and other formats in the cross-media communications value chain.
  • Two Sides North America – explores the environmental myths and seeks out the facts about the sustainability of print, paper, and paper-based packaging.
  • USPS – includes resources and guides for businesses with insights on direct mail and shipping.

For more on print resources, please read here.

We need to be able to make a compelling argument using facts to help our clients make informed decisions to choose printed media!