In this series our CEO, Gord Griffiths, reflects on lessons learned throughout his years in the printing industry.

Safety: We must have a safe workplace.

Human Resources / Talent Engagement: Best people win – need to promote the best people, need to continually upgrade employee skills – need to trust and empower.

Meeting your Goal: You don’t go anywhere with words. You must meet your goals, big and small. If you don’t reach your goals, the best plans and speeches in the world are not worth a cent. You must be able to measure results, profitability, and sales efforts.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: People must apply the entrepreneurial spirit every day. An understanding of the entrepreneurial spirit must be present at all levels of the organization. Your customers must know that they, and you, have fun, but don’t joke around when you are serving their needs. They must know that you are giving them the best value with service second to none and that’s not just sales. You can’t assume your customers are satisfied. One or more companies are planning to take our customers at all times.

KISS: One of the best things you can do in business is to keep things simple – when you simplify, you help communications and everyone has a chance to see your vision.

Partnership and/or Strategic Alliance: In business you need solid partners. Your partners must be winners in their fields.

Environmentally Responsible: We need to be as responsible as possible when dealing with the environment.

Diversification: In business, one must offer a variety of products as complete as possible; one stop shopping. Best to sell something that leads to print – less quoting and hoping! You don’t always need services in the organization, but you must be able to find them for your customers.

Share Decision-Making: Business cannot be a one-person show. No human being could handle a business alone. You must have good managers who understand the company, the goals, and sharing the load. Let managers do their jobs, while holding them responsible.

Use Technology as a Sales Tool: Invest for your customers. Example: reduce their cycle time and their costs, while retaining reasonable profit.

Meeting the Customer’s Goals: To do this you have to listen. Listen to what they want to buy. You have to be close to your customers. You need excellent business relations. Cost savings, time compression, good creativity and helping build the customer’s sales have never gone out of style.

Must be Customer-Driven: Everyone and every department needs to support the customer and support those closest to the customer.

Profit: You have to have it.

I hope this makes sense to you – any questions, just ask!

By Gord Griffiths