Behind every great company is a team of great people.

At Connecting for Results, our people are the foundation of our business, and we want you to get to know them better! In this series, we’ll be highlighting the many talents of our team members. With expertise across the printing industry, one commonality is:

Knowledge + Experience = Results

Today we’re highlighting digital transformation and workflow expert, Nicky Milner.

A five-time member of PrintAction’s “50 Most Influential People”, Nicky is a multi-faceted print and publishing technology executive. Her outstanding achievements in graphic communications range from information technology, premedia and prepress, to digital printing, program, and project management. She’s had a successful leadership career with print and publishing organizations across North America (Quebecor World, Transcontinental), in roles spanning production technology, operations management, and digital media, among others.

Assisting printers with the digital side of business, Nicky provides clients with digital media and production technology services. An expert in business transformation through technology, she helps our clients to maximize their returns and grow their business by leveraging digital technology. Services include production technology, operations management, and digital media consulting.

Nicky’s recent projects entailed:

  • Consulting on prepress automation, colour fidelity, and digital print workflow, for a Western Canadian-based specialty printing firm, specializing in high security full colour products.
  • Wide-ranging process and equipment review completed for a US-based printer focused on high-security federal and state information. Capital expenditure and workflow recommendations were implemented during 2022, resulting in ‘best year ever’ for income and profitability.
  • Project management, vendor relations, and RFP process ‘master mind’ for significant digital workflow and online ordering solutions acquisition by a leading multi-location print services organization.

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